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We are a classic kitchen-table-to-thriving-business story. We grew from small outdoor market stalls to large indoor markets leading to opening our first shop in Hoylake on The Wirral.

A few years ago, I gave myself the challenge to make the perfect candle. Not any old candle. I wanted my candle to burn correctly. I wanted my candle to be fragrant right down to the bottom of its container. I wanted my candle to be vegan. As it turned out, candle-making, the correct way, is not an easy process - but I persevered (driving everyone crazy!).

We had to give our business a name. Because I'm a pharmacist, we called it Chemist & Co.

When we opened our shop, we finally had the facilities to create a laboratory, where I could formulate and make our growing range of natural vegan skincare products, including Body Butters and Hand Rubs (70% alcohol hand sanitisers).

I bring my knowledge as a pharmacist to everything we make, which means fastidious attention to detail and quality - our products are independently cosmetically tested.

I also have a passion for the materials and packaging that Chemist & Co uses; they should be vegan and from sustainable, natural sources. It's hard work, but hopefully, we are a small beacon of how it is possible to create a business that has firm environmentally friendly foundations.




Ruth x

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