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Acne LED

11 - 18 yrs


Acne Prone Skin / Blemishes / Oily Skin / Visible Pores 

A facial specifically focussed on this teenage group where appearance is critical for confidence and social media presence.


Our role is to also educate this age group on their diet, skincare, the importance of hydration, and the use of SPF.

For 18+, Refer to the Illumifacial.

IPL and LED Phototherapy target the deep layers of the skin to:

  1. Destroy the leading bacterial cause of acne, Propionibacterium Acnes. 

  2. Slow down overactive sebum glands.

  3. Brighten up skin

  4. Calm redness & irritation and accelerate healing.



Save per treatment
with a Treatment Plan