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Soothing LED



Sensitive & Stressed Skin / Eczema & Psoriasis / Redness / Rosacea 

There are a variety of factors that stress the skin out! 


This facial can be modified to suit and soothe your skin in the case of :


Redness: Vascular 

Visible blood vessels, environmental damage & stress, thin and vulnerable skin


Redness: Skin Tone    

Persistent facial redness, flushing, diffused redness (rosy cheeks), visible capillaries


Sensitive Skin: Inflammatory 

Compromised skin, easily aggressed, blotch redness, thin & vulnerable skin, visible capillaries.


Sensitive Skin: Problem Conditions

General sensitive and aggressed skin conditions, dry, irritated and reactive skin, bacterial conditions, eczema


Psoriasis: Red, flaky and scaly patches, irritated and itchy sores, inflammatory lesions


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