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Fractional Laser

Watch a fractional laser treatment:


Rejuvenation / Fine Lines / Wrinkles / Acne Scars / Congested Skin / Open Pores / Trauma Scars / Stretch Marks

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  • Smooths & evens acne scars & bumps
  • Helps smooth wrinkles & fine lines
  • Boosts collagen, improves skin texture

Fractional Laser targets minute skin sections with laser light, creating microscopic holes in the topmost layers of the skin. As a result, the skin looks tighter due to immediate collagen shrinkage and is followed by long-term stimulation of fibroblasts, which will produce new collagen over the following months.


In addition, the surrounding, non-affected areas of skin facilitate faster healing, aiding the body’s natural recovery process and giving dramatic results without the significant downtime associated with traditional ablative laser procedures.


Collagen fibres are also relayed to dramatically reduce static lines, wrinkles, deep acne scarring, and stretch marks. This process retextures the skin for maximum smoothness, reducing the appearance of lines, tightening pores, and erasing irregularities, resulting in dramatic skin renewal.

We always offer a complimentary ten-minute Dermalux LED Phototherapy after Laser Treatments to make recovery quicker.


Fractional Laser

Treatment at Chemist & Co


Fractional Laser

Treatment Outcomes:

  • Treatment of mild scarring: acne scars, surgical scars, traumatic scars.

  • Photo-damaged skin: Roughened, thickened skin with uneven tone, large pores, excessive secretion of sebum, and loss of elasticity.

  • Pigmentations.

  • Skin rejuvenation of congested skin.

  • Mild, static wrinkles.

  • Total skin rejuvenation of facial and non-facial areas.

  • Stretch marks.

An improvement in skin roughness and pore size should be apparent after one treatment, with softening of fine lines & wrinkles following a course of treatments.

A course of 3-6 laser resurfacing treatments is ideal for collagen remodelling, with treatments taking place four weeks apart. The laser stimulates collagen production so clients will experience progressive benefits for at least three months post-treatment.

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