Soy candle of the week - Spiced Pumpkin

As we approach Halloween, our decision to create a pumpkin-based candle seemed a no-brainer.

But this got us thinking. Have pumpkins always been an indelible part of Halloween celebrations, or does the history go back further?

The tradition of carving into root vegetables goes right back to the British Isles in the Middle Ages, the favourite vegetable medium being the humble turnip.

In Ireland and south-west England, turnips were also known as “punkies” and in East Anglia, they were called “jack-o’-lanterns”. But where are the pumpkins?

The pastime of whittling vegetables, and indeed the tradition of Halloween, was exported to North America by Irish immigrants. Around this time of year, the most readily available vegetable in North America is the majestic pumpkin. Quite apart from being delicious to eat, pumpkins are ideal for carving demonic faces - and they make great lanterns.

The story of the pumpkin has helped its popularity in America as well as the UK, where we spend £10 million each year on the plump vegetable. How many we eat, and how many are used as scary lanterns, we’re not sure.

What we do know, is that they inspired us to make Spiced Pumpkin candles, and that is a good thing.

Buy Spiced Pumpkin Candles now online or in-store.

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