What fragrances are relaxing?

A customer visited our store recently and asked: “I’m stressed out - do you have anything to relax me?”

So, here is a selection of products from our Hoylake store that are sure to wrap you up in a cloud of soft relaxingness.

Baby Powder

This taps straight into your primal feelings promoting calmness and security.

Our Baby Powder Naked Melts


Feel instantly at ease and soothed. Vanilla has been shown to lower blood pressure and stabilise heart rate.

Vanilla in our candle workshop fragrance library.


Helps with anxiety, relaxes the body and mind. Use as a massage oil for a good night’s sleep.

Lavender in our range of essential oils and bath bombs

A scent that reminds you of good times

Maybe your loved one? A time when you felt safe and happy? This can be many things to different people. Cut grass? Cookies? Even jet fuel (OK, that doesn't really fit with our eco approach - bit we do have Swiss milk chocolate)

Blend a good memory just for you in one of our Candle Workshops

Lemon Grass

A light and earthy scent that relieves stress. It triggers non-chemical soothing feelings and relaxation.

Lemon Grass in our Naked Melts


Can be quite a powerful sleep aid, perhaps even more so than lavender.

Jasmin in our range of essential oils

And there it is. Find ways to feel less stressed and to sleep better at Chemist & Co.

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