Why Chemist and Co?

My name is Ruth and I am a pharmacist, hence the name Chemist & Co.

Last year I decided I wanted to have a go at making clean-burning candles as I found that even very expensive candles are made of paraffin (derived from petroleum yuck!).

I found that my throat was sore after I lit up paraffin candles - and I certainly was not happy burning them around my family and pets!

So I set myself a challenge….

Making candles reminded me of the many hours I used to spend playing with my chemistry set when I was younger, but I soon realised that candle making is an art as well as a science!

I went down to London to work with a perfumer where I learnt how to combine fragrances to evoke different feelings and moods. This was very thought-provoking and has influenced my choice of candle fragrances.

I then started looking at the design aspect.

Most candles look the same - boring! I wanted a fun, contemporary design to showcase my work. I am so lucky that Chloe Insall-Jones, a young and talented designer (she’s on Instagram guys) accepted the challenge. What a great job she has done!!

Why vegan soy wax?

Why not? I refuse to use toxic paraffin wax (which is derived from petroleum) when there is a natural, clean alternative. So I use 100% botanical wax derived from sustainable soybeans. Soy is more expensive than paraffin wax, but our customers are worth it! This also means that ALL our products are VEGAN :)

Why eco-friendly?

I make beautiful products without harming our wonderful planet!

Our glass containers are so beautiful they can be reused to hold paperclips, makeup brushes or little cacti!

I have spent hours scouring different packaging. I’m so pleased to say that all our candles, diffusers and melts packaging are 100% recyclable. Our tea lights & candle lids packaging is biodegradable. I’m currently looking at compostable packaging for some different melt sizes so watch this space!

Our diffuser base is made from a state of the art eco-solvent using pioneering, innovative technology from soy-based renewable resources. It is non-toxic, with a lower carbon footprint than others. Our premium fragrances make our diffusers a winning combination!

Why wooden wicks?

Our exclusive patented wicks from www.lumetique.com/patents are made from sustainable, organic wood. Wooden wicks offer another dimension; they bring our customers the soothing sound of soft, crackling firewood. All our candles have 2 wicks pressed together for greater effect. Please look at the back of the box for information about trimming wooden wicks.

It has taken me a year of hard work to get to this stage! I hope you enjoy Chemist & Co products as much as I love making every single one of them!

Please sign up for the Chemist and Co newsletter to keep updated with new products and offers! I have many more ideas which I would love to share with you very soon! x Ruth :)

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