Compact Soy Candle Treat Box


Treat of box delightful luxury soy candles in a recyclable aluminium tin.


Each treat box contains 2 rows of selected fragrances. Choose from 3 different row sets up to 6 different fragrances in each box. You can choose the same rows of fragrances if you like.


Our Compact candles are designed to give you a hint of our fragrances and are best lit up (safely) close to where you are sitting or in smaller rooms.


Read about available Soy candle fragrances >>


A Compact Candle will start to release most of the fragrance once all the wax in the tin has melted. 


For large rooms or open plan spaces, you will need our larger 65 - 200g candles.


Handy Candle Hints

As solid wax melts it releases more fragrance into the air.

Place lit candles where they are 'undisturbed' - no drafts or busy areas in the house.


Compact Candles weight: 25g each 

Box Option

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