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Dermalux LED treatment uses 3 different light wavelengths:

Red Light - Blue Light - Near Infra Red



Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2: Exfoliation

Step 3: Dermalux LED Treatment

Optional Step 4: IPL Laser Half Face for Thread Veins/Pigmentation 

Step 4: Hydrating Sheet Mask

Step 5: Serums + SPF



Dermalux LED Treatment 

Dermalux LED Treatment Sessions

  • Rejuvenating Red light is absorbed in the mitochondria, the ‘cell power house’ responsible for the production of essential energy (ATP) for cellular function. Red light increases cellular metabolism for cell regeneration and renewal.

    Red light also induces the production of collagen type 1.

     It has a range of applications for the improvement of photodamage and wound healing. It has also been proven to stimulate circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells and the lymphatic system to boost detoxification.

    Essentially Red light supercharges our cell energy triggering a cascade of biological pathways which result in skin enhancing effects.