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Indulge your skin with our luxuriously rich and creamy body butter! Formulated and freshly made by us in our studio, using a luxurious blend of perfectly whipped natural butters & oils to moisturise your skin for a healthy glow.


What's in it?


Shea Butter has excellent moisturising, soothing and skin softening properties. It's very rich in Vitamins A & E which are required for cell growth and help prevent damage induced by free radicals.


Jojoba oil is a beautiful golden yellow oil. Research has shown that Jojoba increases skin suppleness, allowing the skin to accommodate stretching and movement without cracking. 


Apricot Oil is absorbed quickly and does not leave an oily feel on the skin. Its varied components protect the skin against the adverse effects of free radicals, and promote skin barrier regeneration and healing. 


Caprylic Triglyceride  has emollient, moisturising, and antioxidant properties.


Vitamin E is a thick oil which is infused into a little sunflower oil. It is an important antioxidant and protects the skin against free radicals. 


Yellow Clay is rich in minerals and has a softening and toning effect on skin. It helps the body butter absorb into the skin faster.


Fragrance: A refreshing citrus blend opening with fresh eucalyptus notes that lead to a lemongrass heart with hints of rose balanced on a creamy vanilla and musk base.


  • Vegan
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Not tested on animals

Lemongrass | Whipped Body Butter

Out of Stock
  • Face: All our butters are safe enough to use on the face, although we recommend a patch test, especially for the fragranced varieties. Scoop a tiny amount and slowly melt in the palm of your hands before massaging into the skin using broad, firm strokes until fully absorbed. Use a pea sized amount to treat your skin by leaving on for 10-15min then wiping off or by leaving on overnight as an intensive treatment.

    Body: Suitable all over (apart from mucous membranes) as a general moisturiser. Great for those really dry areas especially hands, feet and elbows. We particularly recommend the Naked or Naked Intense for people suffering from skin conditions/allergies.

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