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Skin Analysis


Fine lines /  Sagging / Inflammatory / Scar tissue / Skin type / Pore health / Skin pigmentation / Active acne / Sunspots / Dryness / Wrinkles.

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The OBSERV® 520x is an innovative skin analysis machine that allows you to identify and visualise your skin profile's characteristics.


Looking deep into the skin's layers reveals how subtle signs of ageing and skin health contribute to the skin's overall appearance.


Advanced lighting modes help us to identify the root cause of specific skin concerns and offer personalised advice and treatment plans to address your diagnostic.


Skin Analyser


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Overall, the eight light modes can address skin conditions such as; fine lines, sagging, inflammatory, scar tissue, skin type, pore health, skin pigmentation, active acne, sunspots, dryness, and wrinkles.

The OBSERV® 520x can photograph you from 5 different angles in an average of just 10 seconds.

With the OBSERV® 520x, we create digital client reports, care and treatment plans, side-by-side comparisons, personalised notes, tailored skincare regimens and more.

After the appearance analysis, you will receive an in-depth consultation regarding your skin features and concerns.