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All new clients will need a consultation before their first treatment.


Skin Analysis Consultation: 1 Hour : £30

Phase 1: We'll start by discussing your skin health, any concerns and what you would like to achieve. This includes your skincare products/routine, nutrition and lifestyle factors.

Phase 2: You will then have an opportunity to try selected skincare products as we proceed to do a cleanse, followed by a full Observ Skin Analysis and Interpretation.  

Phase 3: If appropriate, we will then Patch Test for IPL/Eye Treatment and Peels. For psoriasis/eczema patients we include a 10min trial with our medical grade Dermalux Light Treatment.

Phase 4: Recommendation of treatment plans and products.


Test Patch Only: 15mins : No Charge

For clients who do not want a detailed skin analysis we offer a quick consult/test patch. We can multiple test patch in the same session eg peel and IPL

The following treatments will need a test patch:

IPL (laser) for Acne/Pigmentation/Rosacea or Redness Treatment/Pronounced Capillaries

IPL (laser) for Hair Removal

IPL (laser) for Collagen Boosting/Rejuvenation

Glycolic Acid 40%

Retinol Boost Eye Treatment


Unsure? Request a Call Back: 15 mins : No Charge


Order your consultation/test patch. We will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Skin Analysis + Consultation + Test Patch

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