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Easy To Use Home-To-Laboratory Test Kit.


Take our most comprehensive food and drink intolerance* test to find out whether you have an intolerance to over 200 food and drink ingredients.


Simply take a finger-prick blood sample and return by post for testing. Receive your results within 7 days! No social interaction required.


Optimise your lifestyle with our support, knowing which foods you’re reacting to.


We’ll contact you to discuss your results once we receive them from our testing centre.

Measures all four subtypes of food-specific IgG

Simple finger-prick blood test

Receive expert, accurate analysis from our fully-accredited laboratory technicians

Results listed in easy-to-read traffic light values: high, borderline, and normal reactivity

Track your progress with a food and drinks diary

This test is not available to customers who are pregnant or breastfeeding

Premium Food Intolerance Test


    Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Diet.


    Unlike other tests on the market, we measure all four subtypes of food-specific IgG (1-4) compared to some that test only for IgG4. This is important as it ensures all of the different food-specific IgG reactions are detected.




    Your gut is home to 70% of your immune system. You can support your gut health by reducing your “immune load” and removing ingredients that may be causing it to overwork from your diet.




    Taking a test can help you to take control of your overall health! Within 7 days, you’ll receive your very own ‘food fingerprint,’ and you’ll finally know which food and drinks you’re intolerant* to.

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