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Sports Sun Safety

We share essential tips and strategies to help athletes and enthusiasts recognise the early signs of sun damage and how to protect themselves.

Sports Sun Safety

Our talks for sports clubs, led by Ruth, an experienced skin health practitioner and pharmacist, focus on sun protection and recognising early signs of sun damage.

Tailored for outdoor athletes, these sessions are vital for sports like golf, soccer, cricket, rugby, tennis, and athletics. Ruth provides valuable insights on the importance of using sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and seeking shade during peak sun hours.

Participants learn about the harmful effects of UV radiation and how to implement practical sun safety strategies during training and matches. Additionally, Ruth educates athletes and club members on identifying early signs of sun damage, such as sunburn, skin changes, and unusual moles.

Our goal is to empower athletes and coaches with the knowledge to protect themselves and their teams, ensuring long-term skin health. By attending Ruth's informative and engaging talks, sports clubs can foster a culture of sun safety, reducing the risk of skin cancer and promoting overall well-being.

To book a talk for your club or sports centre, email or via our contact page.

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