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Super Easy Antioxidant Smoothie

I love this smoothie in the morning because it’s quick to make and full of antioxidants, from the oats and berries, which repair & regenerate skin. I find that the added protein from the kefir/yoghurt and optional protein powder, together with the oats, keeps me going till lunchtime too, so it’s an added bonus!

The Kefir/Yoghurt adds probiotics which are amazing for the gut biome, which in turn are great for skin health. The banana gives enough sweetness to the smoothie but you could add half a date if you want. I use frozen fruit which I find make the smoothie nice and cold, but any berries in the fridge would do. The only thing I measure is the oats, as a recent study showed that 75g oats every day reduces cholesterol. If I remember, I try to soak them the night before to sprout them, but this is not necessary.

In a Blender put:

75g Oats

1 Banana

Kefir or Yoghurt

Frozen Berries

Frozen Mango

Optional Protein Powder

Dash of olive oil

Blend for 1 minute - add water if necessary and blend again till you achieve desired smoothie consistency.


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